Natural childbirth as a gateway

my personal story

My personal story

When we (my then-partner and I) were thinking about having a child, I heard so many awful stories told around about giving birth, I thought ‘I don’t want to do it, if it has to be that way’.

The stories you may probably hear in your friends and family as well. And even the media is full with birth being portrait as something to fear, terrible, and very painful experience.

I did not believe it had to be that way.

And so, I looked for ways to prepare for a calm birth. I came across Hypnobirthing, meditation / visualization techniques and prenatal yoga. I was really dedicated to see pregnancy as a way to grow and to expand my awareness.

At an early stage (even before conception) I connected to this soul that wanted to come here as our son. We invited him through a ritual and let him know that he was so welcome to come into our lives and that we already felt so much love for him.

When I got pregnant (which took us 2 years without actively trying) I had no idea what to expect. I read a lot about natural birth, took Hypnobirthing classes, I naturally meditated and did yoga because it made me feel connected and more balanced.

This high vibration soul inside me caused me to face all that was not resonant with his energy. It was at times, intense releasing of emotions and fears. I knew this was part of the preparation in giving birth. That all that was still in my energy field that did not serve me or this process was being released. I surrendered to whatever came up.

Sometimes I did not feel happy at all. And I know everyone expects you to be over excited and radiating fluffy unicorn vibes all the time. But really, you don’t have to. You’re experiencing pregnancy in your own way and that is most serving and perfect for all included, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel that way.

To me pregnancy is an invitation to personal growth.

It’s connecting you deeper to your essence, it causes an awakening to who you truly are. It makes you more sensitive and aware of your own energy and capable in transforming that as it becomes clearer. A beautiful journey that you share with this soul inside. You both choose to be here, to share this journey and trust that whatever happens it is perfect as it is.

Surrender to life and to the love that is always here.

Birthing my beautiful son Thomas Levi

When labour began, my son and I were in communication the whole time. The same way I was in contact with him during pregnancy. We had the most beautiful heart-soul connection.

Labour began and I had mild contractions and at one point I felt they were getting less powerful. I connected with my son and asked him what was going on. He said: ‘ I am a little scared mommy’ I replied: ‘ Yes I can imagine, I am a little scared as well, but we can do this together‘ Then the contractions intensified again.

Your and your baby are constantly communicating, wether you realize it or not.

I remember my whole body started trembling and shaking as contractions intensified, I thought this is it, I am on this rollercoaster ride and I am all in. I am saying yes to whatever happens, I surrender to life, to the wisdom of my body, the intelligence of source. I knew ‘I’ just had to stay out of it, meaning my mind had nothing to do with it, there was no interference needed. I breathed deeply to my belly through every contraction, I was totally available for the sensations and energy that was present.

I felt confident, powerful, peaceful and open

Thomas was born in a birth pool, at home, in the presence of his loving father and a midwife. There was no active guidance from her side. When his head was there, my hands were the first hands he felt. I stroked his hair as it moved in the water. I felt confident, powerful, peaceful and open. I waited patiently for the last contraction to bring his body out. I knew my body knew the right timing, I did not push or forced anything. I followed the wisdom of my body.

Your body knows the right timing, you don’t have to interfere

When he was out, we held him under water for a minute and then I held him close to my heart. I told him he was safe, that I was proud of him, that we were here.

It was an amazing life-transforming experience. The midwife looked at me and said: ‘ well you know how to birth woman’ I thought yes, apparently I do, doesn’t everyone know?. And it inspired me to pass it on, to be that example of what is possible when there is no fear present during labour, only love.<3

I believe everyone is capable of experiencing birth in a calm way, with ease, grace and trust. If I can do it, you can as well.

If you feel that I could be of service in guiding you as a mirror of trust and love on this journey in preparing for a calm birth, please contact me and / or connect via Facebook.

With love ❤️